Open Joint Stock Company "Raps" was established in 1991, in March 2003 it was reorganized by joining "Novyi Byt" farm of Minsk district.

JSC "Raps" today - is a multifunctional agro-industrial enterprise, which owns more than four thousand hectares of farmland and employs about 400 people.

The main activities of JSC "Raps" are the following:

  • vegetable oil and cake production;
  • cereals and canola cultivation;
  • milkandmeatproduction;
  • stock farming.

The company has the following structural units:

  • oilseed processing department,
  • plant growing area,
  • fleet of motor vehicles and tractors,
  • four livestock farms.

Besides, the company has a production laboratory, a boiler room, a woodworking shop, repair shops, a modern grain drying complex and some other auxiliary units necessary for efficientcontinuous work of the enterprise. The company has its own store-cafeteria branch.

There is a kindergarten, a secondary school, an arts school, an outpatients' clinic on the territory of the enterprise.

The company is involved both in vegetable oiland cake production, and in cultivation of agricultural products. Refined and deodorized rapeseed oil can be used directly in food.It is also widely used in bakery, confectionery andin mayonnaise and margarine production.

In technical purposes rapeseed oil is used for biofuel production and detergents: soap, personal care products, alsoin lubricants production.

A by-product of rapeseedoil production is cake. It is introduced in cattle and poultry diets as a protein supplementand is used in mixed fodder production.

In recent years high results in agricultural sector were achieved. There is an increase of gross harvest and grain yields of rape. Itwas achieved thanksto the use of high quality seeds, maintainance of technological discipline, optimal planting dates. Not the least of the factorsis renovation of thefleet of motor vehicles and tractors. New tractors, combined seeding machines "Amazone", a highly productive sprayer, domestic-madegrain harvester combines"Lida1300" and foreign-made "John Deere"and"Klaas Leksion", cultivator "SIMBA-SL 500" with equipment for seeding were bought.

The increase in the gross rate of livestock production is due to increase in productivity. Attention is focuses on breeding, improvement of feed rations by fodder balancing.

JSC "Raps" has great potential for improving the production activity results. It is constant introduction of intensive technologies in agriculture, increase in output of finished products due to technical upgrading of the main production shop.

The strategic goal of JSC "Raps" is prospective development of enterprise, aimed at modernization of production, diversification and improvement of product quality, reduction of cost prices and ensuring profits.

The main strategic objectives of JSC "Raps" in the medium term are:

  • Increase in processing rape seed and, accordingly, bringing rapeseed oil productionto 21 tons by 2011.
  • Raising the level of crop yield.
  • An increase in milk yield and cattleadditional weight.

To achieve its strategic goals the organization is constantly working to improve both financial and technical components of its activities. As a part of improving the financial situation the specialists of the enterprizepay much attention to such activities as: ensuring the uninterrupted supply of raw materials, increasing the efficiency of processing, the constant search for buyers and an effective marketing policy, etc. Within technical development of the organization the fleet of technological equipment is renewed, new production technologies are introduced, working efficiency increases.


Kinds of activity

Rape growing

More than 480 hectares of arable land in the ecologically clean areas of Belarus set aside for rape growing

Production of rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil - an essential component in the production of fuel XXI - biofuels

Cattle breeding

A herd numbering more than 2700 fnimals including 1030 milking cows