Сattle breeding

The livestock sector numbers 2700 animals including 1030 milking cows. Their productivity for 2009 was 6651 kg. A purposeful work, aiming at the increase of productivity is carried out on the farm. It consists in the following:

  • to increase genetic potential of cattle bull semen of Canadian and Hungarian selections, female milk productivity numbers 11-15 thousand kg, is used;
  • heifers calved to highly productive cows are selected to form pedigree core;
  • fodder supplies improve annually in its qualitative and quantitative composition.

To increasetotal number of heifers semen separated according to sex is used for insemenation. For 3 years the farm has been selling heifers. The productivity of fresh cows for 2009 was 5909 kg.

97 workers are involved in livestock sector on the farm. To attract highly skilled specialists JSC "Raps" maintains high wages. Workers from other towns are provided with accomodations.


Kinds of activity

Rape growing

More than 480 hectares of arable land in the ecologically clean areas of Belarus set aside for rape growing

Production of rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil - an essential component in the production of fuel XXI - biofuels

Cattle breeding

A herd numbering more than 2700 fnimals including 1030 milking cows